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Wimbledon Park Walk and Talk gets some great local community support

We are delighted to let you know that The Walk and Talk Movement has received some very valued support from The Wimbledon Park Community Trust to grow and expand our Wimbledon Park Walk and Talk and help more people across the local community.

The Wimbledon Park Community Trust, which runs the lovely community hall pictured below, and the Wimbledon Park Residents Association ( are great supporters of the local community.

Iain Simpson, Trustee of The Wimbledon Park Community Trust said: "We are delighted to support The Wimbledon Park Walk and Talk as it is making such a great and growing impact for the local community, putting a smile on so many local residents' faces. The Walk and Talk Movement's mission to provide free, friendly, fun and inclusive weekly community walks is a chance for all generations to stroll, chat, see friends, make new ones and help others. Everybody gets a very warm welcome. So let's all get Walking and Talking together." So come and join us every Saturday at 10.30am from near the park cafe in Wimbledon Park for a free and fun walk and talk.

Everyone is welcome - whatever age and ability and you can bring friends, neighbours and pets.

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