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Walk and Talk comes to Colliers Wood - launching 9th July

Exciting news - we are launching our fourth Walk and Talk - in "The Wood".

We will be walking and talking up and down the Wandle Valley every Saturday at 10.30am, starting from the Forty Acre Forest Coffee bike just outside Colliers Wood tube station from 9th July.

Sam and the amazing Forty Acre Forest Coffee team ( are our local Colliers Wood Walk and Talk champions and are already a focal and committed part of the vibrant local community.

The Colliers Wood area and the River Wandle are rich in history, from Nelson to William Morris...from Liberty &Co to Merton Priory....

...and there are some great walk and talks up and down the river...

So join us every Saturday 10.30am from the coffee bike next to Colliers Wood tube station for a free and fun community walk and talk.

Our walk and talks are a chance for all generations to take a stroll, chat and meet neighbours and friends old and new. From older adults to young children, from buggies to beagles – everybody can join in. You can walk at any pace you like for as long or short as you like.

New local friends have been made, neighbours who didn't know each other have met for the first time, people who have been isolated or who have suffered losses during the pandemic have reconnected.

The Walk and Talk Movement's mission is to put smiles on faces every week.

Also join our Colliers Wood Facebook Group to find out more about our weekly walk and talks:


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