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Make a difference - invite a neighbour, friend or relative to Walk and Talk Wimbledon Park.

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

It would make our day if you could invite a neighbour, friend or relative to Walk and Talk Wimbledon Park.

It could be somebody you haven’t seen for a bit, somebody you would love to chat to, somebody you think could benefit from getting out of the house and connecting with others, somebody that needs support, somebody you care about.

Whoever that somebody is - you can make sure that nobody misses out.

....and even if you can't make it yourself - you probably know somebody who could, and should, benefit so you can make a real difference by letting them know about Walk and Talk Wimbledon Park...

We are launching our free weekly community walk on 18th September at 10.30am outside the park cafe. Everybody is welcome. We are creating a community for the community.

Here are three reasons why we set up The Walk and Talk Movement and why you should invite somebody today:

1. There are so many isolated and lonely people in any community. If we can get people out and about and talking, we can make a real difference to our neighbours and give them the confidence and support they really need.

2. The pandemic has had such a devastating impact on the mental and physical health of so many people. So many of us have never felt so alone or detached from normal life. Getting out and about in the fresh air and connecting with people is not only fun - it is great for our own, and your neighbours’, physical and mental health.

3. Local communities and networks are so important to us all – something the pandemic has surely highlighted. The more we can get together as a community and help others, everybody benefits.

So get involved, come along and invite somebody who could really benefit from a friendly walk and talk.

You can make a real difference - and together we can make our community better, stronger and happier.

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