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AFC Wimbledon Foundation teams up with The Walk and Talk Movement to launch weekly Saturday walks for the whole community

Free and fun weekly community Walk and Talks are coming to Plough Lane every Saturday at 10.30am from 24th September.

Walkers and talkers will meet up at the new Womble Bench outside the AFC Stadium for some wombling up and down the Wandle River and nearby parks and green spaces.

This is a chance for all generations to take a stroll, chat, meet friends and neighbours, make new friends and support each other. From older adults to young children, from buggies to beagles – everybody can join in. The Walk and Talks are inclusive, accessible, fun and friendly - so the whole community can take part and benefit. We will also link up with other local activities and groups to support the community. No booking, no reservations, just turn up and you will get a very warm welcome.

Andy Yates, Co-Founder of The Walk and Talk Movement said:

“Our walk and talks re-connect the local community after lockdown and isolation, and helps people become happier and healthier by having a lot of fun together. Our simple pledge is that we will give everybody a warm welcome, put smiles on faces every week and help the community every step of the way.”

Fiona Sutherland, Community Development Manager at AFC Wimbledon Foundation said:

“The AFC Wimbledon Foundation is here to support the local community and we are big fans of The Walk and Talk Movement. Our Plough Lane Walk and Talk will be a fantastic way to bring people together from all walks of life, in a happy and healthy way. Now that is a great goal!”

A Great Match

The Walk and Talk Movement ( is on a mission to bring communities together in a fun, healthy and engaging way and provides weekly walk and talks across Merton. AFC Wimbledon Foundation’s ( vision is to help the community pursue their dreams by improving their well-being.

About The Plough Lane Walk and Talk

Walkers and Talkers meet every Saturday from 24th September at 10.30am come rain or shine at the Womble Bench outside the AFC Wimbledon Stadium on Plough Lane, between Gates 2 and 3, next to the bus stop.

About The Walk and Talk Movement

Since last Autumn, the Walk and Talk Movement has engaged with 1,000+ local residents, walked more than 2,000 miles, made more than 4m steps together, burnt more than 200,000 calories and enjoyed hundreds of conversations and stories. We are here to help everybody in the local community, any age, any ability, any pets, any time.


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