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Launch of the Walk and Talk Movement - Wimbledon Park 18th September 2021 at 10.30am

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

We are delighted to announce the launch of The Walk and Talk Movement. The start of this national movement is designed to bring people together in their local green spaces for a weekly community walk.

The Walk and Talk Movement is launching in Wimbledon Park on 18th September when the first weekly community walk will take place at 10.30am. We will meet outside the café in the park.

This is a chance for all generations to take a stroll, chat, meet friends, make new ones and help others. From older adults to young children, from buggies to beagles – everybody can join in.

We are on a mission to bring communities together in a fun, healthy and engaging way. We are a community, for the community. Our goal is for walkers to meet neighbours and help their neighbours – and make a real difference.

The concept:

A regular community walk and a talk every Saturday in your local green space. A chance for all generations from all walks of life to stroll, chat, see friends, make new ones and help others.

The benefits:

Bringing people together from all parts of the community. A truly inclusive experience that anyone in society can benefit from.

Helping to promote physical fitness, mobility and healthy activity.

Alleviating loneliness, broadening social and community bonds and improving mental health.

Our weekly Walk and Talk:

Walks are free – forever.Community members gather at a meeting point on Saturdays at 10.30am. Anybody, from any background can join (and pets are welcome). There is a short welcome, and we ensure everybody walks with somebody. Walkers can walk for however long, and at whatever pace suits them.

How you can help:

We want to create a fantastic and enthusiastic group of local supporters who can help set up, promote, establish and organise the Wimbledon Park Walk and Talk as the flagship for a new national movement.

We are looking for committed supporters who have great local networks and contacts to encourage community participation and who would love to get involved and stuck in to help make this a real community success together.

About Us:

The Walk and Talk Movement is a not-for-profit community organisation co-founded by Andy Yates, serial entrepreneur and social impact supporter, and Alison Palmer, charity founder and community activist. We have a passion and drive to change communities for the better.

Andy Yates Co-Founder of The Walk and Talk Movement said:

“The Walk and Talk Movement is on a mission to bring together communities on a fun and healthy weekly walk in their local green space, to help change lives - one step at a time. We are so happy to launch the first Walk and Talk in Wimbledon Park on Saturday 18th September at 10.30am.”

Oonagh Moulton, Councillor, Wimbledon Park Ward, is delighted to support the Walk and Talk initiative. She said:

“I and my Wimbledon Park Councillor colleagues are very excited by this new local initiative. Walk and Talk will be a wonderful addition for our local community, allowing people the opportunity to get out for a walk and meet other locals whatever their age or level of fitness. The pandemic has left too many people isolated in their homes and struggling to regain fitness and Walk and Talk will be a great way to bring people together. I wish Walk and Talk every success.”

Here is how you can Get Involved

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