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Celebrating our award winning Walk and Talk volunteers

To mark National Volunteers' Week we wanted to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to our truly amazing Walk and Talk volunteers.

Together we have put smiles on the faces of so many thousands of participants - making them happier, healthier and more connected with their local community and green spaces every week.

Together we have supported more than 200 walk and talks and counting - never missing one.

Together we walk and talk as one - whatever age, whatever ability, whatever background, always there to welcome everybody - and every pet.

Together we have so much fun - getting involved and supporting lots of local community activities and exploring the local area.

Together we are part of something special - and you make it special.

...and drum roll please....all your fantastic efforts have been recognised at Merton's Civic Pride Volunteer Awards where we won an award for our Outstanding Contribution to the Community...which we are dedicating to all our volunteers...

So to you. To all our Walk and Talk Volunteers - thank you thank you thank you. For making such a difference. For being there every step of the way. For helping us on our happy journey together. Long may we Walk and Talk together with you all.

...and if you are not a volunteer yet - please join us...

If you want to find out more about what is one of the most fun volunteering roles around - it is literally a walk in the park a few hours a month - then join one of our Volunteers' Week drop in sessions below to find out more...

or e-mail us anytime on:

Find out why our volunteers love getting involved:

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