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Get Involved

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Do you want to help or get walking and talking?


You star - thank you.

Community Organisations

Please spread the word to your members and networks. Our goal is to help as many people as possible.


Please Like the: The Walk and Talk Movement Facebook Page and share this with as many people as possible.


Also find out about our new local walk and talks.

Walkers and Talkers

We have launched a growing number of lovely Walk and Talks starting at 10.30am every Saturday.


Click here to see our current locations.

No registration, no booking - just turn up for our free and fun weekly Walk and Talks. Our pledge is that we will always give you a warm welcome and make you feel right at home.

We are also always looking for volunteers who can help support a local Walk and Talk. We make volunteering easy and fun and provide lots of support. Help can be from as little as a few hours a month. We would love to hear from you.

Please contact us via the form below.

Other Support

We are always looking for support as part of our mission to grow The Walk and Talk Movement.


Please contact us using the form below and let us know how you can help – you can make a real difference right now. Let’s get walking and talking together.

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