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The Walk and Talk Movement

because health and happiness can be a walk in the park

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The Movement

Walk and talks are run by the community for the community as a fun, healthy and happy way to get together in local green spaces each week.

The Walk and Talk Movement is on mission to get as many communities as possible walking and talking together across the UK.

The Walk and Talk Movement provides guidance on how local communities across the UK can come together and set-up and run their own walk and talks.

The Walk and Talk Movement started in Southwest London in September 2021.
Since then, more than 300 successful walk and talks have been run by the community, with more than 5,000 participants joining in…and growing every week…
Walk and talks are a very easy, laid back, friendly and supportive way for anybody and everybody in the community to come together.

To find out more about starting your own walk and talk click here.

Helping your community every step of the way.

Please note: The Walk and Talk Movement does not run or manage walk and talks itself. It provides inspiration and guidance for the community to set up their own walk and talks, who in turn are responsible for all aspects of running their own walk and talks.

Join our friendly Walk and Talk Facebook Page and community for more information. 

Find out how to Get Involved we can make sure our movement has real legs. 

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Breaking News!


There are lots great free and fun commmunity run walk and talks you can enjoy every week. 

No bookings, no reservations.


Some come and join any of these independent walk and walks for a friendly community get together.

Click here to find a local community run walk and talk near you

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Helping your local community every step of the way.

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Our Mission

To provide guidance on how communities can set up and run their own walk and talk - a truly inclusive experience that anyone can benefit from. 

How weekly walk and talks run by the local community work:

Community members gather at a meeting point on Saturdays at 10.30am.


Anybody can join - and pets and buggies are welcome.


Walks are free. Walkers can walk for however long, and at whatever pace, suits them.


Get involved with your community, have fun and support others.


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...for information about current walks run by local communities...



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The Walk and Talk Movement 

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