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The Walk and Talk Movement

because health and happiness can be a walk in the park

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The Movement

We are on a mission to bring communities together for a fun, healthy and engaging weekly walk in their local green space.

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Come and join us every Saturday 10.30am in Wimbledon Park SW19  - meeting outside the park cafe near the big Walk and Talk Banner.

Everybody is welcome - all ages, abilities, pets, buggies - meet, help and grow your community.


Join our friendly Walk and Talk Facebook Page and community for more information. 

Find out how to Get Involved we can make sure our movement has real legs. 

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Our Mission

To bring people together from all parts of the community. A truly inclusive experience that anyone can benefit from. We are a community, for the community.

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How our weekly
Walk and Talks work:

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hill in park

Community members gather at a meeting point on Saturdays at 10.30am.


Anybody can join - and pets and buggies are welcome.


Walks are free – forever. Walkers can walk for however long, and at whatever pace, suits them.


…and ‘walkers and talkers’ are free to continue the conversation over a local cup of tea or coffee…


Get involved with your community, have fun and support others.


Join the Wimbledon Park Walk and Talk Facebook Group

...for more information about future walks...



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Join the Wimbledon Park Walk and Talk Facebook Group now to find out more,

take part and support your community.

tree in park
tree in park
tree in park